National Recognition for Nebraska Lottery Work

Advertising items created for the Nebraska Lottery were finalists for Batchy Awards at a recent meeting of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL). One was a TV spot with space aliens Zendar and Marlex speaking to a store clerk; another was the print campaign featuring the aliens; and a third was the 100K Giveaway poster that looked like an old spaghetti Western movie sign. We created all the materials under Nebraska Lottery direction.

Pick 5 Aliens TV Spot

As Sean Campbell, SKAR account manager for the Nebraska Lottery, said, “It was exciting to see our work recognized at the annual conference, especially considering the high caliber of international ad agencies we were up against.”

The term Batchy, by the way, comes from the late Ralph Batch, a pioneer in the development of state lotteries.

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