Our team here at Smith Kroeger is unique in the agency space, bringing together a rare group of savvy creative experts and smart business leaders from a plethora of advertising agencies, publishing companies and digital development shops. Founded right here in Omaha in 1962 by Wayne Smith as Smith, Kaplan, Allen and Reynolds (SKAR), the agency celebrates a rich history while continuing to evolve rapidly. In the past year alone, we’ve expanded our team, diversified our capabilities and had the privilege of supporting a great many new clients alongside our existing valued partnerships.

Today we are led by Terry Kroeger, the former President and CEO of the BH Media Group and longtime publisher of the Omaha World-Herald. Terry has assembled a rockstar cast of art and creative directors, seasoned account executives with decades of combined experience, industry-leading developers and web designers, PR professionals dedicated to problem solving and crisis management and digital marketers with thousands of nationwide campaigns under their belts. We specialize in a variety of industries and sectors, including automotive, education, consumer-packaged goods, finance, insurance, public utilities, government and more.

Our team’s primary goal is to look for the most efficient way to help businesses advance toward their goals in this dynamic and ever-changing landscape. We care about relationships that are built on trust and understanding – the kind where we speak the same language and have the same goals. That’s what moves us to create powerful work and what accelerates our clients’ success.

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We have some exciting opportunities to join our incredibly talented team to help create marketing strategies and stellar creative work every day, making work rewarding not only for our clients, but also for you.

Meet Our Dynamic Team

He rubs elbows with the owners of the Los Angeles Chargers, admits he watches “The Bachelor” and hopes Led Zeppelin gets back together soon. Meet the big cheese and head honcho at Smith Kroeger.

Terry Kroeger

President, CEO

He’s pretty good with numbers, raises chickens, has gone toe-to-toe with bears and includes cyanide in his daily diet.

Kevin Ames

CFO, Business Manager

She’s terrified of ticks, admits to watching “Doctor Who” and can name every U.S. president in order. Intriguing? We think so.

Sara Wilson

EVP, Client Services & PR

He doesn’t want to see your vacation pics, doesn’t give a damn about your manicured lawn and would prefer you not yammer on about sports. Don’t be scared.

Mark Carpenter

EVP, Creative Strategy

He has an actual gym and bar in his house, safeguards his spaghetti sauce recipe and has 10 TVs tuned to ESPN. Whaaaat?

Mike Duman

EVP, Co-Creative Director

Before becoming an EVP, co-creative director, writer, producer, head of building maintenance and assistant IT tech, he was an electrician, a bartender and an avionics specialist in the Air National Guard.

Greg Ahrens

EVP, Co-Creative Director

He’s a family man, father of two girls and has an extensive background in digital media. He brings his think-outside-the-box nature to the SK team as our fearless leader of new client development.

Thomas Kastrup

EVP, Client Development

She’s a fashion maven, likes to spend time underwater and in front of the TV, and enjoys giving stuff away. Huh? Yeah.

Barb Ruser

SVP, Creative Services

A Virginia native and holder of a fine arts degree, this digital advertising expert is an artist at heart. He spends his free time painting and enjoying jazz.

Dave Klemencic

EVP, Digital Strategy & Operations
Jeff Bailey Headshot

He's a self-taught painter who loves to hang out with his two dogs, bowled with Keanu Reeves and would choose his last meal to be ahi tuna.

Jeff Bailey

Account Manager
Bill Barna Headshot

Described by others as a talented creative craftsman, this self-proclaimed “Connector of Dots” can be seen in the stands at UNL, UNO and Creighton games in his free time.

Bill Barna

Account Manager
Todd Birchard Headshot

He's a self-proclaimed numismatist (coin collector), loves watching college football and he – no joke – serenaded his wife (then-girlfriend) with Vanilla Ice on their first date.

Todd Birchard

Digital Production Designer
Sophie Davies Headshot

A University of Missouri grad, she got into advertising via journalism in college. In her spare time, you can find her hanging out with her pride and joy, a black Lab mix named Piper.

Sophie Boudreaux

Account Coordinator

Even though she’s a sushi-loving, Kardashian-watching Belieber, she’s anything but basic.

Annie Bradford

Account Manager
Lisa Conklin Headshot

She’s a boy mom who has visited 50 of the 70 Nebraska Passport stops in the past year. In her free time she stays involved in the advertising community and is the incoming AAF District 9 governor.

Lisa Conklin

Director, Media Planning & Buying

He built a pub in his living room, makes a mean guac and just may pop you in the mouth if you’re a picky eater.

Bob Duman

Sr Art Director
Cara Eccleston Headshot

A woman of many talents, she's a web development guru, and a published writer and editor. She's proficient in sarcasm, loves music and true crime, and is a mom to one son and one daughter.

Cara Eccleston

Web Development Specialist
Richard Elver Headshot

Hailing from Wisconsin, he’s the biggest baseball fan you know: road-tripping to U.S. baseball stadiums and collecting minor league baseball caps in his free time.

Richard Elver

Account Coordinator

She jams to Bennie and the Gents, picks a mean banjo and would be a cheap date with her favorite meal being a cheeseburger and a glass of ice water.

Lauren Gilmore

Director, Media Planning & Buying
Michael Guill Headshot

He’s a terror on two wheels, looks forward to visiting Wisconsin someday and has a strange but powerful attachment to the Oxford comma. Huh? Yeah.

Michael Guill

Interactive Solutions Manager
Lexi Lebron Headshot

She's one cat short of being a crazy cat lady, coffee runs through her veins and Law & Order SVU is her all-time favorite show.

Lexi Lebron


She chases bats and hates cold weather. Use the word “irregardless” and she will take you out at the knees.

Marilee Magiera

Copy Editor/Proofreader

He did the Running of the Bulls in Spain, played Reese Witherspoon in foosball and always sleeps on the cool side of the pillow.

Mike Meehan

Sr Account Manager
Izzy Nichols Headshot

She loves sour beer and strongly identifies with the character Schmidt from “New Girl.” Her boutique brick-and-mortar job got her started in advertising, and we’re so glad it did.

Izzy Nichols

Account Coordinator
Robbie Owens Headshot

He’s a big car guy – catch him spending his free time at auto shows around town when he’s not caring for his newborn daughter.

Robbie Owens

Web Design & Email Specialist
Molly Polsen Headshot

She cleans up trash around her neighborhood for fun (seriously!), only reads stories with happy endings and has been to 49 states. Meet our video editor and videographer.

Molly Polsen

Video Editor & Videographer

He is not ashamed to admit he’s a Hawkeye fan, is waiting for Led Zeppelin to reunite and is not to be trifled with on the gridiron.

Randy Schnackenberg

Production Manager

She loves cat videos and hates slow drivers. Meet Smith Kroeger’s talented art director.

Liz Scott

Art Director
Ayman Sharif Headshot

He loves to cook all things Middle Eastern food, speaks two different languages and is passionate about being an advocate for individuals with special needs.

Ayman Sharif

Project Manager

What does true crime, fountain Diet Coke and trance music have in common? Angela is addicted to all of them.

Angela Snodgrass

Web Developer
Carlie Stevens Headshot

When she’s not specializing in digital marketing, she's a full-time house plant mom to over 30 plants, has a side gig as an ordained minister and loves to rock climb in her spare time.

Carlie Stevens

Digital Marketing Specialist

Her home interior was inspired by hippies, her dancing influenced by Patrick Swayze and her childhood shaped by the Magic Wonder Baby.

Jessica Stuart


He has held the Stanley Cup, plays golf (but sucks at it) and you can often find him at the Early Bird restaurant in the Blackstone District.

Matt Vilter

Account Manager
James West Headshot

He’s highly approachable, refuses to use any form of a winking emoji and is CPR-certified (an integral skill among Digital Marketing Specialists).

James West

Digital Marketing Specialist

She binges on Netflix, was a member of the Gorillas volleyball team and can do a mean Australian accent.

Katie Wright

Senior Account Manager
Kelli Zieg Headshot

She’s a wife, mom of two boys and a football fan cheering on the Chiefs and Huskers. When not coordinating her sons’ participation in any sport imaginable, you can find her watching “Friends.”

Kelli Zieg

Account Coordinator

She learned about advertising before she learned to walk, wears a size 5½ shoe, is off the charts on the animal-lover scale and relishes the creative process.

Joleen David

Vice Chair