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Good design sells. From attracting readers with a powerful typeface, to helping them through a section of copy by well-thought line spacing, to using the perfect photograph, the right art direction can make a piece of marketing work twice as hard. The skilled designers at Smith Kroeger employ these and many other methods every day.

Custom Logo Design
Smith Kroeger has designed some of the most iconic logos in the region. Each one is tasteful, powerful and totally appropriate for the company it represents.
Print Advertising
Designing effective, eye-catching print ads is not a lost art. Not at Smith Kroeger. Our art directors understand how to balance white space, utilize typography and choose graphics in a way that amplifies the sales message.
Digital Advertising
Digital ads come in a dizzying selection of sizes and shapes. We know how to efficiently arrange and edit elements in order to give each iteration the most visual impact.
Broadcast Advertising
Since TV and videos are visual media, they need to be art directed with the same precision as print ads. Consequently, there is a Smith Kroeger art director present at every TV and video shoot and editing session.
Website Design
Websites present a unique set of graphic challenges and our designers thoroughly understand them. Not only do we use web design best practices, we make sure the art direction of the site is based on our client’s graphic lexicon and builds on the brand promise.
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