An update to your company’s website can improve your image – as long as you do it right. For help with that part, we asked two of the SKARfaces who recently redid the new – Bryan Gottula, vice president of digital marketing and social media, and Nathan Putnam, web developer – to explain what the modern website must have.

Video Content

“Nothing tells a story quick like video, and it’s also some of our best work. We wanted to make sure that anyone who visits our site gets a true sense of what we can do,” Gottula said. That’s why the rapid montage of video scenes is the first thing you see on

Putnam said that since services such as YouTube and Vimeo have made it easy to upload videos on a website – browser or screen compatibility is no longer an issue – it’s inevitable you’ll be seeing more videos on websites. Studies show that sites with video have higher click-thru, engagement and conversion rates.

And your customers and prospects love video. According to figures from My Web Presenters Ltd., 59 percent of senior executives said that if both text and video are available, they prefer to watch the video version.

Website Analytics

Analytics are valuable tools. They tell you how many people have visited your website and sections within it while also providing clues to who they are based on how they got there, what kind of device they use, which sections of your site they visit and how often.

“You probably know about Google analytics, but companies such as Facebook and LinkedIn have their own tracking pixels that can be added too,” Gottula said.

How you use the data you gather from your site will depend on your industry. As an advertising agency, SKAR uses the information to determine whether the visitor is interested in seeing our media philosophy, creative samples, employee profiles or job opportunities.

“Our analytics help us understand more about who our visitors are and give us more ways to reach them,” Putnam said.

Data Security

Offering visitors security is a box any firm needs to check.

“To make sure our website is secure we partner with a local company called Flywheel,” Gottula said. “Additionally, Flywheel partners with security platform Sucuri for regular malware scanning and detection.”

The firms handle updates and security patches while incorporating mandatory security measures such as SSL by default, strong password enforcement, limited login attempts, intelligent IP blocking and daily server backups.

“This means that if you’re at a coffee shop using your laptop,” Putnam explained, “you can visit our site without worrying about somebody hacking in and getting information on you.”

Easy-to-Find Content

“No one wants to hunt and peck their way around your website,” Gottula said. “Everything should be within two to three clicks of the home page.”

SKAR worked hard to make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. You’re invited to explore it and see what you think.

Try the “Our Work” section and go to “Creative Portfolio.” You’ll find a complete collection of SKAR creative samples. Samples are listed by client and by category, such as Branding, Radio, Out-of-Home or Digital.

If this looks and sounds like the kind of website your company should have, there’s an easy way to get if for yourself: Contact SKAR today.

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