Moving forward as Smith Kroeger

Smith Kroeger

Who better to take on the challenge of renaming and rebranding our company than the creative team already in place here at 111 S. 108th Ave.?

With seasoned adman Mark Carpenter taking the lead, a rebranding committee was formed and the name Smith Kroeger was proposed. Hours of brainstorming led to the positioning statement, Accelerate. Co-creative director Mike Duman stepped in to create a logo that captures the energy of our new company.

“When Terry Kroeger became leader of the company in February, he mentioned that he was amazed how quickly SKAR was able to develop powerful, effective marketing campaigns. We’ve always created advertising at the speed of commerce, but never considered building our brand around this fact,” said Carpenter. “The rebranding committee realized Terry’s observation was our most salient product benefit. Out of this came our new brand promise, Accelerate, and the new logo, which was designed to illustrate velocity and momentum.”

“We wanted the new logo to pay homage to our past, but also point to our active new future. To do that, we retained SKAR’s trademark purple and green colors, but used lower-case, italic typography to suggest action and acceleration,” added Duman.

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