Ding goes the cash register, and the customer walks out smiling. In some marketing departments, this may feel like the “happily ever after” end of the story. But not when SKAR is involved. We know that closing one sale means the chance to start working on the next. We’re experienced in after-the-sale tactics, we’ve seen them work and we think there’s a good chance they could work for you. Here are some examples.

Support and educate your customers

Former client Sue Bee Honey had done research revealing that many customers purchase honey for a recipe or to use as a sweetener, but then the honey sits idle for months, awaiting the next batch of cookies or cup of tea. Here are some of the many tips and suggestions SKAR provided to open eyes and sweeten sales.


In print ads, on the website and through emails distributed to customers, we spread the news about honey. You can use it as a balm for insect bites, a skin softener and a folk remedy for a long list of ailments. Along with a steady stream of often-surprising recipes, the client showed consumers the many ways they could use the product and many reasons to purchase more.

Keep leadership informed

It’s all too easy for company executives to lose touch with the marketing department. Or for that department to assume executives know their company’s marketing efforts. The solution?

Keep your busy executives informed of the marketing department’s successes with quick, easy-to-read reports issued on a regular basis. We’ve helped our hospital client, the East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System, by collaborating with the marketing department to make regular marketing reports such as this.

Above is a sample, with confidential information concealed. We receive numbers from our ETMC partners and then lay out the information so that even tired, stressed-out executives can get the story at a glance. They’ll see marketing not as an expense but as an investment that pays. This can lead to better support for your department when you want to justify raises for your staff, fund a new project or update sales and collateral materials.

Inspire your customers with cool case studies

SKAR frequently lets the world know about success stories we’ve had with clients. They’re popular because everybody loves a winner, at least partly because they hope to find a lesson they can learn. Here’s a case study we recently did for the Nebraska Lottery.

We present the challenge: Marketing a new Precious Metals Scratch game ticket without cannibalizing sales of our client’s many other games. The solution was the Super Ticket, a unique, outsize ticket promoted with an old-school circus theme. We marketed it with a mix of new point-of-sale materials (like floor decals) and traditional media tactics like radio, newspaper and outdoor. The results were high sales levels for games in its price range and impressive dollar totals – without hurting sales of other Nebraska Lottery games.

The case study interests retailers of all kinds, because it focuses on common issues that other retailers recognize. That’s how we use the after-the-sale bounce of one success to spring toward closing the next deal.

If you’d like help using after-the-sale tactics to get next-sale results, contact SKAR today.

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