SKAR focus groups help you gain research insights

Decades of experience, expert marketing insights, a cushy client environment and a cost-effective bottom line make SKAR a great place to conduct focus groups. Moderator Sean Campbell, vice president of business development and research, explains more in this Q&A.

Why conduct a focus group?

Focus groups are more flexible than surveys or scripted studies because the moderator can go in directions that might not have come up when planning questions. Other benefits include:

  • Gaining a better understanding of different customer segments, including feedback on unique perceptions, behaviors and feelings.
  • Learning more about the culture, challenges and perspectives of your internal audience.
  • Gathering consumer feedback on potential promotions, messaging, competitors, products or services.
  • Going beyond the “what” and “how much/how many” of quantitative research to the “why” behind consumer choices.

Are focus groups a cost-effective way of conducting research?

Yes, and they are much more economical than most forms of research. 

Why choose SKAR as the focus group host?

In addition to planning, recruiting, moderating and providing video links, we also:

  • Provide a modern and comfortable environment.
  • Make the process easy and encourage collaboration throughout.
  • Provide a top-line report summarizing key insights and actionable recommendations.
  • Can go mobile and set up focus groups outside of Omaha if needed.

How long does it take to put a focus group panel together?

If you already have a list of contacts, we can line up a focus group in about three weeks. If we have to look at outside resources for recruiting, you can expect four to six weeks of lead time. It’s important to properly vet participants and find the right balance of demographic diversity.

How do you determine what questions to ask?

This is all about collaboration with the client to clearly identify goals, needs, challenges, etc. That information will help us develop a rough outline of topics and questions, which we will refine and update together as the process unfolds.

What are the challenges of moderating a focus group?

You need to have a clear understanding of the client’s goals and objectives, be comfortable talking with strangers and have the ability to put them at ease. It’s also important to let the panel carry the conversation and be able to go off-script when needed.

How do you deal with participants who are too talkative or too quiet?

We make sure to solicit input from every participant, so every voice can be heard. And we minimize the impact of any overbearing person who makes it into the group by having participants write down their responses to questions prior to starting the discussion. That gives us a record of everyone’s stance before anyone can sway opinions during the discussion phase.

What’s the client takeaway?

Each client who uses our focus group facility gets a video of the complete focus group session via a private online link. For clients who engage us to design, execute and analyze their focus group research, we also provide a top-line report that summarizes research findings, key insights and recommendations.

Do you have to be a client of SKAR to use these services?

Nope! We enjoy working with all types of companies, whether they’re on our client list or not.

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