What’s your biggest design pet peeve?

Pet Peeves


Everyone’s a critic, especially when it comes to advertising, right? You don’t need a degree in the field to have an opinion. However, we have both degrees and educated opinions. So here’s what the SKAR creative team has to say about the difference between good and bad design.

Improper use of white space: Understanding how to correctly proportion elements and not overdo content are crucial to good design. – Liz Scott, art director

When there is no focal point to an ad. There is an art to making a design flow well. Don’t ask people to figure it out for themselves. A good ad will make it clear. – Mike Duman, executive vice president and co-creative director

One word: clutter. – Greg Ahrens, executive vice president and co-creative director

When typography and leading are not tight. Proper kerning is the mark of a professional designer. – Mark Carpenter, executive vice president of creative strategy and production services

Illegibility, usually due to too much copy, too much reversed copy or poor color choice. – Joleen David, APR, president and copywriter

When color contrast is too low between the text and its background. Legibility suffers, while user confidence decreases and cognitive strain increases. It’s bad news all around. – Michael Guill, web developer

Lack of direction that leads to revision after revision and less than optimal design – not to mention, waste of time and money. – Bob Duman, art director

Unoriginality, like when a design trend just becomes trite and overused. – Barb Ruser, senior vice president of creative services

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