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Behind the Scenes: Production 101

When you think of the production department in an advertising agency, your first thought is probably of traditional marketing projects like printed materials or billboards. With those tactics also come changing technologies that we at Smith Kroeger take pride in welcoming and integrating into our client’s specific and unique needs. 

As a production department, we work to:

  • Keep your jobs and projects on schedule
  • Collaborate with the creative and accounts service teams to manage projects
  • Provide estimates and budgeting for projects
  • Coordinate with multiple vendors on scheduling at their facility
  • Perform press checks
  • Execute on-site installation

We’re here to share our production expertise with both the client and our internal departments to lean on for all things ideating, budgeting, timeline and project management. Some of our projects look like:

Bottom line: We’re here for our clients to accomplish all of the above, so they can spend their valuable time on the projects that need their undivided attention. Smith Kroeger’s production department has nearly 40 years of experience, and we’re here to create the best product for our clients and their brand.