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Brand Ambassadors and Event Marketing: More Important than Ever

As a Brand Ambassador team manager, my role at Smith Kroeger is unique in that I direct teams of up to 30 for clients like the Nebraska Lottery and strategize their efforts to reach an audience in a more personalized way.

Event marketing and brand ambassadorship can sometimes fly under the radar when a business is considering how to best increase its brand’s exposure. From first-hand experience, I’ve seen the great benefits that go along with the following tactics. 

To name a few, using our Brand Ambassadors can lead to:

  • Increased foot traffic
  • Brand exposure
  • An opportunity to connect with people on a personal level
  • A new way to create buzz on social media
  • Keeping your brand top-of-mind

Being able to connect with a Brand Ambassador to create a positive experience and build rapport in public provides a more meaningful touch by making it personal, rather than paying for a billboard that someone might glance at but may not always feel connected to. Often new consumers become interested in a brand they never would have noticed before had it not been for coming in contact with a Brand Ambassador, who created an association for them. This strategy, paired with other community involvement, can be really impactful.

Even in times of social distancing, there are still events going on this year and next and opportunities to get Brand Ambassadors out there to be seen. At SK, we make sure to represent the brand in a positive light by adhering to safety guidelines such as wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and following the rules and regulations of the event venue. 

Against all odds, I’ve found that people are receptive to Brand Ambassadors during this time, as we have not experienced “normal” human interaction this year, and it has made people realize how important that is in society.