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The father of modern advertising copywriting, Bill Bernbach, once said, “You’ll find your solution in the product.” At Smith Kroeger, we strongly subscribe to this philosophy. We believe that powerfully written, benefit-centered copy (for both traditional and digital media) is the key to making the sales curve rise. Although many aspects of marketing are changing by the day, Smith Kroeger believes there is one constant — joining powerful words and dynamic images to deliver effective sales and branding messages. 

Our team is experienced in delivering effective sales and branding messages through powerfully written, benefit-centered copy.

Product Immersion

Smith Kroeger’s staff of experienced, award-winning copywriters begin by immersing themselves in the product. Before touching a keyboard, they will thoroughly examine a product’s history, strengths, weaknesses, target market and competition. From this study comes a deep understanding of the benefit most relevant to the consumer.

Copy Platform

After the main, salient benefit is established, our copywriters will develop a copy platform — a framework of details that explain, clarify and amplify the benefit. Parts of this platform often appear in the finished copy.

Creative Collaboration

Every one of our clients has a dedicated creative team consisting of a copywriter and art director. After the copywriting is complete, the two will work together to develop a concept that demonstrates the unique selling point using a seamless combination of copy and graphic.

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