Big ideas. They’re the backbone of everything we do at Smith Kroeger. For nearly six decades, we’ve been creating powerful and creative marketing concepts for a long list of local, regional and national clients. Our work communicates benefits, builds brands, resonates with consumers and most importantly, sells products. Take a good look through this section and see for yourself.

Creative Capabilities

We do more than create “brands.” We create brand promises — messages to consumers about what they can expect when they work with our client. And we do it better than anyone else.

Our copywriters dig deep into information about our clients’ products to find unique selling points, and then craft content that communicates those benefits in the most interesting way.

Our seasoned creative department intimately understands how to use copy and graphics to maximize the effectiveness of every advertising medium, from traditional to digital to social.

Smith Kroeger has a dedicated team of talented producers and photographers who can concept, script, shoot and edit high-quality, impactful videos tailored to meet your marketing budget.

What sets Smith Kroeger creative apart

Our Process

Unlike most agencies, we love to collaborate with our clients to develop their creative programs. There are no prima donnas at Smith Kroeger.

Our Output

We provide multiple, on-strategy concepts for every project, and then demonstrate how these ideas can be executed in relevant media vehicles.

Our Speed

Many agencies take months to develop a single concept. Not Smith Kroeger. Our brand promise is working hard, smart and fast. It's why many clients hire us.

Insights Video Series

Creative Strategy

Mark Carpenter, Executive Vice President of Creative Strategy, takes some time to talk about how to inject strategic thinking into creative campaigns.

Need To create a compelling brand? invigorate an existing brand? write effective advertising copy? design a powerful logo or brand standards?