It’s practically impossible to go an hour without checking your email, searching the web or posting a photo to your favorite social media site. Let’s face it, that’s what everyone is doing these days. Your brand should be along for the ride. Whether it’s display advertising, search engine optimization, marketing automation or anything in between, we’ve got the tools and foresight to set you up for success.


Smith Kroeger’s digital capabilities include full website design and development as well as search engine optimization (SEO) consulting.

At Smith Kroeger, we formulate a blend of tactics to maximize your campaign results and reach your customers wherever they are located.

Your online reputation is vital to the success of your business. Let Smith Kroeger help strengthen and protect it through the use of various social channels.

Smith Kroeger is an expert in email acquisition and execution, successfully getting your message in front of current and potential customers.

Programmatic & Search Marketing Tactics

With a client’s ideal customers in mind, our first step is identifying business goals and determining which tactics are most relevant to a campaign. In most cases we recommend campaigns use a blend of tactics.

This tactic targets users who have visited a website. It’s important because there’s a higher chance of conversion with someone who has already shown an interest in a client’s product or service.

People searching for certain keywords and/or phrases are targeted with a client’s banners. The keywords selected are based on search volume and relevance to the campaign.

This strategy chooses specific websites to target or to avoid. With whitelisting, relevant websites are selected to target potential users. Blacklisting involves selecting websites a client wishes to avoid.

This approach targets sites with content related to the products or services being promoted. It is more broad because banners may appear on any website with content relevant to a client’s services.

With keyword contextual, potential customers are targeted based on specific keywords in content they read online.

This strategy targets people who visit specific physical locations. Once people enter the geofence, they can be targeted through their mobile device for up to 30 days.

Geolocation targets anybody in a general geographic area and displays banners on laptops, desktops and mobile devices. It’s best used to reach broad audiences.

This is an effective tactic to add to traditional broadcast as it can be targeted to specific demographics, age, sex, etc.

As businesses get more sophisticated about knowing more about their customers, audiences can be targeted by segments, such as Affluent Empty Nesters or Soccer Moms.

This tactic is also known as pay-per-click (PPC) or Google Ad Words. Adding SEM to a client’s overall strategy for targeted audiences can be an effective tool in its overall marketing plan.

Insights Video Series

Website Design

Angela Snodgrass, Web Developer, takes some time to talk about the website design process including best practices, intuitive tools and the impact on website maintenance.

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