lake cunningham logo and explore the c tagline on image of lake

Lake Cunningham Debuts New Brand & Park Improvements

We’re so excited to share the rebranding project for Lake Cunningham!

The 390-acre lake surrounded by a 1,050-acre park in north central Omaha has been closed for several years and just reopened on Aug. 5. Check out some of the creative branding we were able to work on with the Lake Cunningham Development Trust.


We worked closely with the Lake Cunningham team to put together a new logo that represented the history of Lake Cunningham with its iconic lighthouse while incorporating modern touches to truly refresh their brand identity.

The color palette for the brand includes a forest and kelly green (to represent the flora of the area), cool blue (to represent water) and a crisp, nautical white (to represent the lighthouse).

Tagline: “Explore The C!” evokes excitement and shares a play on words with “C” and “sea” – but also the C for “Cunningham.” Encouraging people to come out and explore all the new improvements and updates to this beloved Omaha gem is something we wanted to reinforce as much as possible.

Unique logos: We had fun creating various logos to depict each important activity that Lake Cunningham provides.

Photography & videography: Our in-house photographers and videographers did a beautiful job depicting the updates to the area. Footage shot with a drone gives online viewers and potential future visitors a feel for the excitement.

WEBSITE:One of our talented web designers, Angela Snodgrass, worked to bring the new Lake Cunningham website to life. Uniting all of the parts together – drone footage on the homepage, campsite reservation images, lake information, policies and more – was no easy feat. The website is clean and informative while showcasing the excitement the community feels to get back outdoors at Lake Cunningham.

News Articles Regarding the Rebrand: 

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