Our Approach

Media planning and buying is complicated. Working with our media team isn’t. Driven by our credo of transparent communication, we provide clear reporting at every stage of the process. We leverage relationships with media reps to save money and maximize buys, then reinvest every saved dollar into your media purchase. We help you navigate this fast-changing media world by recommending tactics that best fit your brand, budget and goals. We’ll do the work. You’ll get the rewards. That’s how Smith Kroeger makes media easy for you.

A custom media plan will include many of these tactics:


– Broadcast and Cable TV
– Digital Video
– Connected TV
– YouTube


– Terrestrial Radio
– Streaming Radio
– Satellite Radio
– Pandora
– Spotify
– Podcasts


– Newspaper
– Magazine
– Trade Publications


– Billboards
– Buses
– Stadiums and Sports Arena Signage


– Digital Display
– Digital Video
– Digital Audio
– Search Engine Marketing
– Social Media Advertising
– Native Advertising


– Event Remotes
– Naming Rights
– Presenting Sponsors

our process

Step One: Build
Step Two: Connect
Step Three: Manage

Step One: Build

It starts with collaboration: working together to determine your goals and objectives, understand your business and define what success means to you. From there we compile research and develop strategies that are not only an efficient use of your budget but also help meet your goals. When planning any campaign, we work with our creative team of copywriters, graphic designers and web developers to ensure that your campaign’s messaging is the right fit for both your target audience and the place it will appear.

Step Two: Connect

These days there seems to be an advertisement everywhere you look. But just because you can buy advertising space almost anywhere doesn’t mean it’s the right place for your message. Before we purchase any media placement on your behalf, we take the time to research and evaluate each opportunity and negotiate the best value to meet your campaign goals. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about helping you find the right media to connect to the right audience at the right place with the right resources.

Step Three: Manage

Are you getting what you paid for? We will make sure you do. Because the media process doesn’t end once the proofs get sent to the printer or your ad appears on TV.

We don’t purchase advertising and leave it. We manage each aspect of the process throughout each campaign and provide regular optimization and reporting so that you know how your money is being allocated. Every single advertising placement that we purchase is then thoroughly reconciled for accuracy before final payments are approved.

Sue Bee Honey Digital Campaign

Digital campaign gives Sue Bee Honey a 50% jump in brand awareness

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