SKAR welcomes new client Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative

NECCWhat started as a search for a marketing company to help with development of its mission and vision statements has evolved into a more comprehensive partnership between the Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative (NECC) and SKAR.

“Everything really clicked once we started working with NECC and saw in person the ways it’s making a difference for early childhood educators and caregivers. Not only does the organization bring innovative ideas to the table, but it’s out in the community executing them, so we’re honored to illustrate that kind of work through the materials we create,” said Sara Wilson, SKAR VP of account services and public relations.

NECC operates under a shared services model with other early childhood organizations that come together to help young children grow up safe, healthy and eager to learn. It promotes industry best practices, and offers cost-effective administrative and classroom resources to child care providers in Nebraska.

Visit to learn more about NECC.

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