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SK Director of PR & Content Strategy Kayla Eggenberg Featured in Forbes

Kayla Eggenberg, Smith Kroeger’s Director of PR & Content Strategy, was recently featured in Forbes with reporter Joe McKendrick for the first report in his ongoing series of discussions with experts and entrepreneurs to get their views on what it takes to build a career in a digital world. 

When asked to comment on emerging jobs, Kayla responded that they “will likely be deeply integrated with social media, content and the continued acceleration of the use of voice activation and IoT. The types of paths that will lead the way for the next generation of digital careers will be able to integrate paid and organic content to drive a more impactful result to the bottom line. Businesses in which the digital team is directly tied to sales teams and customers so they’re able to learn will be the first to notice new trends and be able to adapt as the digital economy expands.”

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