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Social Media Strategy for Business: Why It’s Important and How to Get Started

Having a presence on social media as a business is imperative for companies that want to stay relevant in the digital world. Investing in quality organic social media content and strategically integrating paid and earned efforts will be endlessly beneficial for your brand. A few key terms to know:

Organic social media = social media content that lives on your owned social media channels and has no money behind it

Paid social media = ads or boosted posts that use a budget to target specific audiences

Engagement = the actions anyone takes on your post, including reactions, comments, shares or clicks

KPI = key performance indicator (i.e., impressions, reach, engagements)

A few reasons why it’s so important to have a presence on social:

1. It helps amplify your employees’ voices.

You can share their posts and encourage them to share about your business, too, expanding your reach to their personal networks.

2. It helps your other paid and earned content go further.

By supplementing your paid content with organic, you’re bolstering your ad dollars’ reach and you can share earned media with an audience that is already engaged.

3. It can contribute to your business goals.

Setting meaningful KPIs for your organic social media like increasing traffic to your website can push people through the sales funnel.

4. It builds a community of like-minded people.

These people are attracted to your brand and your content, and will thus keep you in mind or recommend you when they need your services in the future.

5. It is a channel for customer service.

Organic social media is also a great opportunity for your brand to communicate directly with your customers. You can use social content to provide valuable information that helps their lives, entertain them or let them know about exclusive deals and offers.

A few ways to get started now? 

  • Brainstorm your key content pillars.
  • Focus on one or two social platforms.
  • Share content consistently at a pace that is manageable for you to uphold.
  • Slowly incorporate some paid efforts – it’s OK to start small!

Above all else, keep your content authentic. Now more than ever, people are placing less focus on aesthetics and curating the “perfect grid” and more on reflecting our current reality and sharing valuable content that aligns with true core values. When paired with other digital tactics, this is a social strategy match made in heaven.