laptop on office desk with article title on screen that says "3 Digital Lessons"

Three Digital Lessons 2020 Taught Us

If there’s anything we’re taking away from 2020, it’s the lessons in digital technology that have the power to bring us together and make serious impacts on businesses. Below are a few of my main takeaways from the digital evolution we saw occur in the last year.

The way we watch TV and movies has changed

And it’s unlikely to change back. With the endless measurability of digital tactics, advertising on big screens via OTT/CTV networks has proven a great way to get longer-form content in front of new viewers and understand the impact.

Further to that end, the combination of hyperlocal targeting (geofencing, event fencing and demographic-based addressable geofencing) and cross-device matching has allowed advertisers to provide multiple relevant touchpoints with potential customers.  

Cloud and artificial intelligence are boosting business ideas in today’s digital environment

Few of us are strangers now to the Zoom calls that were once for hard-to-get-to markets or dialing in on holidays. As folks continue learning or relearning the controls on Zoom, Hangouts, WebEx, Teams, Skype and BlueJeans, they’re managing their workspace backgrounds and trying to keep kids and pets contained throughout the big sales calls. 

Similarly, shared docs and cloud-based storage have given teams new power to collaborate in real time, shortcutting challenges around version control and multiple parties contributing at once. 

Integrated communication platforms for B2B and B2C marketers are coming to the fore  

As both businesses and their clients get smarter, they expect more with regard to internal workflow and efficiency, relevance of messaging, and ability to track CRM activity across phone, online forms and landing pages, primary web properties, personalized and broader marketing emails, digital display and search campaigns and traditional media engagements. 

The process of turning anonymous online searchers and unknown potential leads into verified and tracked contacts with a host of background information available has been liberating for highly specialized businesses. It shortcuts a process that was often only accelerated through face-to-face meetings and speaking engagements at conferences.