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To Be or Not to Be: Digital vs. Traditional Media

Traditional and digital media strategies are often pitted against each other in articles around the web. As in all things, it has been proved time and again that a mix and pairing of these tactics serve clients best. While traditional tactics reach their audiences on a much larger, “mass media” scale, digital campaigns may be used to fill in the gaps to reach the niche audiences that make up the whole target.

Every single client is different and has different goals. With that in mind, the fun part of our job begins: creating and adapting media plans to promote our client’s objectives, keeping in mind it isn’t necessary to prioritize one form of media over another.

While certainly there are times where a budget or end goal may dictate the use of only one medium, the aim is always to offer a plan that includes a media mix to our clients.

Occasionally the mix may be made up solely of digital tactics, but even here, you can have a variety. A mix could include search marketing, social and display. Yet even within the title “display,” you might include a handful or more targeting strategies.

For other budgets and goals, that still may not allow for a full 200+ points per week schedule with traditional channels, so one might think about pairing a robust digital campaign with a traditional sponsorship. This will allow the message to be shared with your target audience, but also include a branding aspect on a wider scale that can’t be achieved with just one medium.

In very general and broad ideas that are by no means exclusive, we’ve broken down what each channel may be used for:

  • Broadcast and Radio Advertising – brand awareness
  • Out-of-Home and Print Advertising – brand awareness
  • Digital Advertising (non-search) – brand awareness
  • Digital Advertising (search) – education and conversion

To find out more about what the best media mix may be for your business, reach out and ask the team at Smith Kroeger. We can’t wait to help you.