photo of automotive dealership with two cars

Top Tips for Creating the Best Automotive Facebook Ad

Working in the advertising business for 20 years will teach you a thing or two. From print and billboard ads to the ever-changing digital landscape, I have seen and produced quite a few automotive ads in my day. 

Here are some tips that I keep in mind when building an effective Facebook ad: 

Simple – First thing’s first, keep it simple and keep your main message paramount. Showcase the make, model and price or the make, model and special feature. 

Eye-catching – Use lean, high-resolution photos. If you are selling new vehicles, stock images are the way to go. Don’t use a stock image for a used car, buyers want to know what they are getting, even if you have to say pictures coming soon. If buyers see a used listing with stock images of a 1995 Toyota Camry, chances are it doesn’t look that good anymore and they will keep scrolling.

Remember the specs – The sizing for the ad is also a critical aspect. Use the suggested Facebook size. I create a lot of Facebook carousel ads and the suggested size is 1080 x 1080 pixels with 72 dpi resolution. Higher resolution will slow load time for the user.

Tip for businesses … 

People looking for a car know what a good deal is, so you need to be competitive. Today’s online buyer is smarter than you think, and most have done the research already. Never underestimate your customer’s potential. 

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