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VP of Digital Strategy and Operations Dave Klemencic Featured in Forbes

Dave Klemencic, Smith Kroeger’s VP of Digital Strategy and Operations, was recently featured in Forbes with reporter Joe McKendrick for the latest in his ongoing series of discussions with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and corporate leaders on what to expect as the world recovers in the post-coronavirus era in terms of technology and innovation. 

When asked about the general attitude of today’s entrepreneurs and innovators, Dave said, “Despite downward pressure on many industries and lines of business, we’ve also seen opportunities emerge in unexpected places. COVID-19 and the broader recession have shaken out bad business models, but the shaking is only starting. At the same time, for players who can be nimble, responsive and carefully husband resources, there are endless possibilities to help businesses get back on their feet. While it’s been preached for a decade or more, a true customer-first approach is more critical than ever. Focusing only on the bottom line might mean very soon that there will be no bottom line.”

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